About Cookiepedia

Cookiepedia aims to build a comprehensive knowledge base about website cookies and similar technologies.

The site was set up and is curated by Optanon to fill a big gap in the infosphere about what cookies do and who is using them for what purposes.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Cookies, and More

The EU Cookie Directive, which first came into force in 2011, requires website owners to provide visitors with information about their use of cookies, and obtain consent for such use. However, anyone trying to search for this kind of information on the web quickly becomes frustrated by the lack of comprehensive and authoritative sources.

Therefore this site has been set up to provide such a repository, for both site owners themselves as well as members of the general public.

Much of the raw data on this site comes from a database, built by Optanon, and populated with anonymous data about cookies submitted through various browser plug-ins.

Going Forward

We have plans to open up Cookiepedia, to enable people to contribute their knowledge about cookies and the websites that use them. However, we cannot yet say how or when we will do this.

About Cookiepedia